Are you standing out in the crowd?

Your customers are looking for you on the web, they are searching for you and your products on Google, Facebook and rating sites like Urbanspoon.

Is your company there when that customer searches?

One of the most important marketing initiatives you can make for your business is creating an effective web presence. Lemon Drop Images can help you with web sites, search engine optimization, search engine marketing,  Social Media page creation, copy writing and Social Media Presence.

When someone comes to your site what do they see?

Your site should be visually appealing, clean, and easy to navigate. We create sites that are up-to-date and are easy to manage.  Our experience in site design includes extensive study in customer interaction on the web, so your site will always be easy to use.

Is your message clear?

Does your web site answer all of the questions customers are going to ask when they reach your site? Does it feature a clear message? We will help you with the message and the delivery so that every user who arrives at your site is satisfied after they visit.

Does it have up to date information? We can train you and your staff to manage your site on a day to day basis. If your business has a message that needs to get out today we can help you with your email campaigns as well.

Lemon Drop Images- the experts you need on your team

We have all of the tools you need to bring as much business as possible from your web presence at prices you can afford. Contact us today for more information!