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The staff a Lemon Drop Images spent their formative years in the world of business, both corporate and as an owners of local businesses, ending up in the world of technology. Specifically the internet, selling and managing large ECommerce sites for media outlets in the U.S. and Canada.

The idea behind Lemon Drop’s “Small yet Powerful” came together while helping friends who own a small business build the better mouse trap, or in this case, a better web site with digital marketing to drive people to that website.  After the initial shock at hearing their misconceptions about Google Search and how a web site should and could work wore off we came to realize that there was a need in the market place for a web design house run by business owners for business owners. This would eliminate the miss-communications that happen somewhere between the techies and the owners saving everyone time and money.

Can new customers find you?

It’s not enough to build a great looking web site, you need to make sure you get found when people are looking for you. The yellow pages are dead- Google and Yahoo killed them.  Search engines are the place consumers turn to find what they need and most of those will search on mobile devices, either phones or tablets. We’ll do our job and make sure that existing customers find the correct information and new customers find you too!